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Creating Peace of
Mind in Retirement

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Quality Retirement
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Make Retirement the Best Years of Your Life

Make Retirement the Best Years of Your Life

Retirement is all about achieving peace of mind regarding your financial situation, so you can really enjoy your life. Hi, my name is Patricia Howard; please check out my video to see how I can help you.

My Clients

I help clients think through their options in terms of how they want to spend their retirement and then put in place sound financial decisions that help them achieve those goals.

Retirement planning should focus on generating as much income as you can as safely as you can, while ensuring some capital growth for the years ahead.

It’s about making sound investment decisions. Your retirement savings are both precious and irreplaceable. They also have to last you a long time.

Meet Janet

Janet Hemmings is a retired schoolteacher, keen horse racing enthusiast and has been a client for 13 years.

Janet's husband had recently passed when she came to me asking for advice as to how to manage her affairs in retirement. I was able to consolidate a number of investment and superannuation accounts into one account and establish a simple tax-free pension.

Since then, I have proactively managed her portfolio of investments, leaving Janet to concentrate on enjoying her family and or course, going to the races.

Meet The Turnbulls

Daavid & Judy Turnbull have been clients of Patricia Howard Financial Planning for seven years, and like many couples, they had just started thinking about their retirement plans when they first spoke with me.

As a result, we took control of their superannuation accounts and various other assets and put their savings to work in a quality superannuation fund, where they could invest in high-yielding direct shares.

Since then, Judy has retired, and we have created a pension account for her, which pays her a regular tax-free pension and where all the assets supporting that fund are tax-free.

Daavid is still enjoying working and so has put off retiring for a few years. He does though have the peace of mind knowing that he can retire at any time and that they will continue to enjoy life, knowing their finances are well managed.

Meet Mark

Introducing Mark Oddie, who has been a client of Patricia Howard Financial Planning for ten years.

Mark had decided to retire to a home he owned on the Mornington Peninsula and despite having a number of bad experiences using financial advisers in the past, he spoke with me to obtain advice as to what to do with an investment property he owned in Melbourne.

My advice was to sell the investment property, contribute as much as possible to super, where it could support a tax-free pension, and invest these funds and those outside super, in high yielding, well-managed listed companies.

I have proactively managed these share portfolios for him ever since.

Chat With Patricia Howard

Why not have a chat with me? It's a great way to get general financial advice about your specific situation, and when you do become a financial planning client the fee attached to the online meeting will be deducted.

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Patricia Howard

Senior financial planner and principal of Patricia Howard Financial Planning, a boutique financial planning practice and corporate authorized representative of  Howard-Osmond Financial Services

ABN 79 127 238 144
Australian Financial Services Licence Number - 412820
P.O. Box 184, EUROA VIC 3666
Tel: 0427 429 817