The No-Regrets Retirement Strategy


The No-Regrets Retirement Strategy

is about not just surviving retirement but thriving!


t's about stepping back and thinking through your options. Deciding how you want to live and where you want to live what should, and could, be the most exciting years of your retirement. Don’t just drift into retirement.

If you are fearful that you won’t have enough money to retire, think again. If you are eligible to receive the age pension, this might just be the ‘half million dollar’ nest egg your retirement savings need. More, the age pension is tax free, indexed for inflation and will last as long as you do.

Making the most of this safety net, should help you make sensible choices with the retirement savings you do have and not be tempted to take financial risks with what are irreplaceable, precious savings.

Be aware of how much income you are receiving either from the age pension or your investments and adjust your spending in line with that income. There will be good years, where you will earn more than usual and there will be bad years.

Adjusting your spending so you never eat into your savings will ensure your assets will last throughout retirement and this is the lesson that all millionaires quickly learn, to always spend less than the income their investments generate.

Think of ways to top up your income in retirement. Few people just stop work in retirement. Look to how you can stay engaged with your local community and working part-time might be the best way to do this.

Avoid the bigger financial pitfalls in retirement, that may be prompted by the actions of your family or other loved ones and always have a back-up plan. More than anything else decide to just enjoy life.

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